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Revitalize Your Vehicle with Mobile Auto Detailing & Windshield Repair!

Pamper your cherished car with the epitome of convenience and luxury through Just Honey Do It’s mobile auto detailing service, now including windshield repair. No longer will you have to sacrifice your precious time waiting at a car wash or detailing center – our
expert team brings the spa treatment right to your doorstep.

Our comprehensive detailing packages ensure that every nook and cranny of your vehicle, both inside and out, receives meticulous attention. From deep interior cleaning and conditioning to restoring the exterior’s brilliance, we utilize premium products and state-of-the-art techniques to achieve impeccable results.
And now, with our windshield repair service, say goodbye to bothersome chips and cracks hindering your driving visibility. Our skilled technicians will swiftly and effectively repair minor damages, ensuring your windshield is as clear and flawless as the day you bought your car.

Whether you’re at home, the office, or enjoying a day out, our mobile service adapts to your schedule and location. Experience the unmatched convenience of on-the-go luxury and elevate your driving experience with Just Honey Do It. Book your session today and let your vehicle shine inside and out!



Detail Includes:

  • Complete interior cleaning of dash, steering wheel, doors, glass, and all plastics
  • Vacuum, shampoo, and extraction of seats, floors, and floor mats
  • 2-step exterior followed with a high gloss exterior seal

Detail Pricing:

  • Coupe: $250.00
  • Sedan: $225.00
  • Crossover / Small SUV: $250.00
  • Large SUV / Full Size Trucks (F-1500, 1500, etc.): $275.00
  • 1 Ton Trucks & Large Vans: 15ft and under (F-250, F-350, 2500, 3500, etc.): $325.00


Interior Detail Includes:

• Comp
• Vacuum, shampoo, and extraction of seats, floors, and floor mats

Detail Pricing:

• Coupe / Sedan: $150.00
• Crossover / Small SUV: $175.00
• Trucks: $200.00
• Large SUV: $200.00
• Mini Van: $275.00


Exterior Detail Includes:

• Complete decontamination of bugs, tar, brake dust, rail rust, and other road contaminates
• 2-Step exterior wash followed with a high gloss wax / ceramic seal
• Extensive wheel and wheel well cleaning
• Restore tire shine

Exterior Detail Pricing:

• Coupe / Sedan: $95.00
• Sedan: $115.00
• Crossover / Small SUV: $125.00
• Large SUV / Trucks: $160.00

Simply Wash & Vacuum


• Power wash exterior
• Vacuum and wipe down interior
• Tire shine

Windshield Chip / Crack Repair


• Windshield Repair
• Guaranteed for life of the windshield

***Pricing may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle​​***
​***Contact for pricing on any vans, small buses exceeding 15-20ft, RVs, and small mobile campers.***

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