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Ride the scenic trails & embrace nature's majesty

Sunset Serenity Ride

Witness the magical sunset from horseback in the heart of Malibu

Mountains & Canyons Expedition

Explore Malibu’s scenic hills and lush canyons on horseback.

Beginner’s Riding Experience

A gentle introduction to horseback riding for first-timers.

Private Ride & Picnic

Savor a scenic ride followed by a gourmet picnic in nature’s lap.

Family Fun Ride

Enjoy a memorable horseback experience for the whole family.

Equine Escape

A full-day adventure including horseback riding, a guided nature hike, and a delicious farm-to-table lunch in the heart of Malibu.

Discover the enchanting allure of Malibu’s breathtaking landscapes while enjoying horseback riding adventures. Choose from our diverse range of packages to experience the thrill of riding alongside the stunning coastal vistas and serene canyons.


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Explore the stunning beauty of Malibu’s scenic trails on horseback, accompanied by experienced guides to ensure a safe and memorable riding experience.